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I'm michele rexha a software developer a machine learning engineer a freelancer

I'm a Software Developer and Machine Learning Engineer based in Paris, France. I strive to build agile and creative solutions through carefully crafted code and user-centric experience.

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I am passionate about solving problems related to AI and Software Development mixing techniques and insights from different fields.

I'm a Software Developer and Machine Learning Engineer based in Paris, France. I strive to build agile and creative solutions through carefully crafted code and user-centric experience.

  • First NameMichele
  • Last NameRexha
  • Birthdate05 april 1993
  • NationalityItalian
  • Experience2 years
  • AddressParis
  • FreelanceAvailable
  • Langages 🇮🇹🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸
  • Phone+33 (0)6 37 58 87 41
  • Emailhello@micrex.it
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2019 - Current co-founder & machine learning engineer PHI Skills

Implemented clothing recognition algorithm using tensorflow to streamline the data structure and tracking of products in the fashion marketplace.

Developed administration web app using elm functional framework and javascript to manage Shopify data.

Deployed micro services infrastructure in Go to process Shopify data.

Contributed to Phi Suite data engineering platform, our open source project.

2018 - 2019 lead developer Filmchain

Developed and maintained the application backend and its api on Nodejs using Expressjs and Graphql.

Implemented the frontend SPA on Typescript using React, Apollo, Redux and Styled Components.

Constructed the landing page with server-side rendering using Gatsby.js framework.

Using TDD, developed the first of its kind algorithm for automatic collection and distribution of revenues, optimizing the transparency, security, and speed of this process. I first implemented the algorithm on Nodejs server, then adapted it to run on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity.


2020 Agile Development Specialisation Coursera University of Virginia
2020 Deep Learning Specialisation Coursera deeplearning.ai
2017 - 2018 MSc Computer Science Imperial College London
2016 - 2017 MSc Finance London School of Economics (LSE)
2015 - 2016 Masters In Economics Ecole Polytechnique de Paris
2012 - 2015 BSc Mathematics École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)


web using javascript nodejs, react, svelte, elm, html, css
AI using Python Pandas, Fastai, Tensorflow
Microservices using go docker, grpc
Data management mongodb, neo4j, graphql
Blockchain ethereum, smart contracts
Mobile using swift swiftUI, vapor
Dev ops git, netlify, digitalOcean, heroku

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I’m always happy to discuss AI and Software projects.
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my projects

Some of my enterprise and open source projects.
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  • Project : Web Application
  • Client : BigCouch ltd
  • Duration : 10 months
  • Technologies : nodejs (express), javascript (react, styled components, apollo, gatsby), css, smart contracts (solidity), graphql (prisma), mongodb, heroku, netlify
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  • Project : Website
  • Client : BigCouch ltd
  • Duration : 1 months
  • Technologies : javascript (react, gatsby, styled components), css, netlify
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Event Driven Data Collection

  • Project : Software Architecture
  • Technologies : go, docker, gRPC, protobuf, neo4j, cipher, javascript (svelte, d3.js)